Behavioral Change Programmes

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  1. Programmes targeted for everyone:
  • YOLO programme was introduced to empower young people through activities that help them build confidence and reassurance by educating them about their human rights and sexual reproduction to minimize chances of transmitting HIV/AIDS. It also help with skills and knowledge development to help build healthy relationships that prepares them to practice effective communication and critical thinking

      2. Development Programmes for Girls:

  • Zazi Programme was introduced to help young girls and women be active members of the society and how to practice role-modeling and maintain a positive public representation. This programme helps young girls to make self-discovery and knowledge to enable them to take part in daily activities in their communities and be agents of change and transformation.
  • Go-Girls Tjiane Girls Club is a programme that targets girls of ages 13-17 who are not enrolled in any school or live in vulnerable situations at home. This programme was introduced to our girls to help develop them with life skills and knowledge for empowerment in terms of living a happy life, returning or staying in school and self-protection, especially protection from HIV/AIDS.

      3. Development Programmes for Boys:

  • Grassroot Soccer programme was introduced for boys as an approach to use the power of soccer to educate, inspire and mobilize communities to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • One Man Can Tjiane Boys club was introduced to boys of ages 13-17 to prepare them to take action in their personal lives in order to be able claim their human rights and be involved in activities that empower them. This programme also educates young boys on the impacts of Gender Based Violence and educate them on how they can avoid violence to minimize acts of violence and abuse.

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